Our Story

Balance Brew was born from a simple desire to help you be the healthiest you can be, and able to do everything you are meant to do.

We live in a fast-paced urban city constantly balancing work and family. There are just too many of us with sedentary lifestyles and precious little time to take care of ourselves. 

Upon the foundations of our innovative brewery, supported by an established team of respected TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) physicians and practitioners, Balance Brew’s philosophy is steeped in tradition and adds a science-based and holistic dimension to wellness.

  • Exercise
    This is super important - finding time daily to exercise and allow “Qi” to flow. When our “Qi” flow is good, our immunity increases.


    Balanced Diet & Better Sleep
    Eat in moderation. Excessive intake of any food will knock the Gut off balance. With a stressed Gut, sleep quality gets affected.  To improve sleep, try soaking your feet in hot water for 10 minutes before bedtime.


    Emotion Control
    Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, worry or jealousy impact our health. Find ways to let go of negative thoughts and to balance your emotions.

  • Consume Natural Herbs
    To build immunity and strengthen the body.

    These ideas are key to the Balance Brew brand. We are a young company and our dream is to share and motivate you to seek wellness and a balanced lifestyle. Looking forward, with the support of this community, we will move into research and evidence-based healing. 

    You can trust that Balance Brew is committed to providing the best quality herbs and brews to ensure your body is balanced and healthy, and you are primed to meet your daily needs. 


    Let's work together to care for your mind, body and spirit. Live your best life!

Traditional Herb Remedies for a Modern World

Over 5000 years of science on medicinal plants and herbs, yet Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remains fairly inaccessible to the modern world largely due to the complexities of translation. At Balance Brew we are determined to decode TCM for a world without barriers and share its healing and restorative knowledge. 

Balance Brew is focused on translating TCM knowledge from expert TCM physicians so everyone understands its principles and core tenets.

Develop a range of wellness products that heal, restore and nurture using TCM and so continue its legacy into the present day.

Our TCM physicians and herbalists believe health is more than a state of being free from disease. It also includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. It's not just medical treatment of health problems that promote optimal health, but also improving the harmony among these five areas that make up your overall health:

Circulatory Health: Qi

Proper circulation is key to maintaining optimal health. It supplies the body's vital organs with enough oxygen and nutrients needed to function. Poor blood circulation can potentially harm the heart, kidneys, and brain, and it may even cause fatal consequences if left untreated. In TCM, Qi is identified as a 'vital energy' that helps maintain the body's ability to regulate its internal environment. The oversupply, deficiency, and even the disturbance in the flow of qi can cause illness. Acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional therapy are used to regulate Qi. 

Physical Health: Yin and Yang

All aspects of TCM are based on the principle of Yin and Yang. Yin in Chinese means the 'shaded side', and yang represents the 'sunny side’. Yang is described as bright, warm, dry, and light, while Yin is described as dark, cool, wet, and heavy. The lower parts of the body are associated with Yin, while the upper parts of the body and the back are associated with Yang. Generally, Yin and Yang are opposites yet are interdependent - one cannot exist without the other. They are mutually transformative; they typically change and affect each other harmoniously, but these can become imbalanced, causing illness. In TCM, illness is understood as states of Yin and Yang imbalance. There can either be an excess or deficiency of the Yin and Yang. 

Emotional Health

Emotions can greatly affect our bodily functions. There are seven emotions identified by TCM, grief, melancholy, fear, anger, joy, and worry, which, when abrupt, severe, or chronic, can cause illness. Strong and uncontrolled emotions can disrupt the flow of your Qi and blood circulation and, as a result, injure your internal organs: 

- Grief and melancholy injure the lungs
- Fear and fright injure the kidneys
- Anger injures the liver
- Joy injures the heart
- Worrying injures the spleen

Practicing meditation, tai chi, and other yogic practices, as well as avoiding stressful situations, is crucial when it comes to regulating your Qi.

Intellectual Health

The mind-body connection is a crucial component of Qi. If your mental health is out of balance, your body will be. Intellectual health means striving for good mental health, continued intellectual growth, and creativity in life. This includes being curious and open to new ideas, reading books, magazines, and research materials, keeping abreast with social and political issues, and learning and practicing a new language, hobby, or skill. 

Spiritual Health

Though western medical schools emphasize physical wellbeing, our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners see true health as encompassing all aspects of our being. We consider spiritual health and facilitate a sense of freedom and meaning as integral parts of our approach to wellness. Having a deep sense of meaning, a purpose in life, and being aware of your full capabilities to give and receive love is important to attaining a healthy mind and body.